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Giclee Prints

What is a giclee print? State-of-the-art digital devices and old world skills are employed to print an image of extraordinary color-saturation and brilliance on canvas. Just as with the print making process of centuries past, a number of genuine proofs are attempted to refine colors and quality. When excellence is achieved, and edition of nearly identical prints are executed, these are giclees. To the artist and collectors alike, a giclee represents an exquisite and superior reproduction of the original artwork.

Mediterranean Greek Fisherman
Crystal blue waters meet blue skies in this typical Greek village spotted with the traditional white homes.


Yorgo Fine Arts Launches New Site

On August 1st 2005, Yorgo Fine Arts launches their new web site. Web site features many more paintings, some of which the public has never seen. There are many categories to choose from and there is art that will be appealing to any ones taste.

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